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Customized Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services

Texcel Research Group provides a full range of qualitative and quantitative research services, including:

Focus Groups and In-depth Interviews are typically used for projects of an exploratory nature, particularly for:

  • Product design or redesign
  • Testing market receptivity
  • Product naming
  • Advertising decisions
  • Preparation for highly-focused and
    cost-effective quantitative research

Web-based Quantitative Studies are used to "drive" respondents to a central website to participate in an online study. Our methods have been very successful with hard-to-recruit respondents and within cultures where purely on-line research methods cannot be trusted.

Market Intelligence and Market Insight Investigations assessing specific markets, product areas, or emerging technologies. In addition to analyses using third-party databases and selected literature, we conduct carefully-targeted in-depth interviews whenever possible and appropriate

Customer/Executive Advisory Forums provide controlled opportunities for exploring specific needs and relationships with your largest and most important customers.

International Services

With in-house multi-lingual capabilities and carefully selected and trained research teams, Texcel Research Group uses proven methods for conducting international research projects seamlessly and with agility across all major business centers world-wide.

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