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Research Studies

Texcel Research Group has recently conducted research of the following types:

Focus Groups

  • Customer-satisfaction focus group study with 6 focus groups in 4 US cities and 2 in each of the following: UK, Netherlands and Singapore. Client was Service and Education Division (worldwide) of major ($10B) communications products manufacturer.
  • Features/functionality/design focus group study with 12 focus groups, 6 in three US cities and 2 in Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam, for Printer Division ($14B) of major ($48B) manufacturer of computers, printers and related equipment and services.
  • Channels and outlets focus group study with 18 Focus groups, 6 focus groups throughout US, plus 2 in each of the following: London, Munich, Stockholm, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore. Client was Computer Division of major ($24B) manufacturer of computers and related equipment and services.
  • Market segmentation and ad copy effectiveness focus group study with 10 focus groups in 5 US cities and 2 in each of the following: Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Client was Computer Peripherals Division of industry-leading manufacturer of workgroup and personal laser printers.


In-depth Interviews

  • Needs-assessment, purchase-likelihood and competitive-assessment study with 800 depth telephone interviews with senior-level IT and business respondents in 13 countries, using seven different languages and a Web-based stimulus presentation. Client was Professional Services division of leading provider of broad range of IT products and business services.
  • Competitive-assessment and customer-loyalty study with 50 depth one-on-one interviews (phone and/or face-to-face) with senior-level IT respondents using proprietary mid-range servers. Client was Computer Systems Division of leading producer of UNIX-based mid-range systems and related products and services.
  • Pricing, packaging, and feature/function trade-off study based on 50 depth one-on-one interviews (combination of phone and face-to-face) with senior IT executives in North America, UK, Germany, and Japan. Client was a major provider of enterprise integration applications.


Customer/Executive Advisory Forums

  • On-going (semi-yearly) Executive Customer Advisory Council for joint development of customer service strategies and worldwide program planning and execution. Client for this project was the worldwide services division of a leading provider of IP/data networking equipment and related services.
  • Worldwide Customer Technical Advisory Council for joint development of technical features, functions, and packaging of future enterprise integration software products. Clients were Product Management and Engineering divisions of a leading provider of large-scale servers and related Knowledge Management and database applications.

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