Texcel Research Group LTD
Full Service Market Research — Worldwide.

Experience with a Variety of Projects

Texcel Research Group has extensive experience conducting research projects for leading companies on a variety of topics, including:

  • New product development issues such as optimal feature/function trade-offs, pricing, and time-to-market
  • Market sizing and opportunity assessment (multi-product, multi-market SWOT analyses)
  • Design of customer-service strategies and service-delivery programs
  • Development of in-depth Market Intelligence in nascent high-technology areas
  • Customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Product naming for new or redesigned products
  • Ad copy and tagline testing
  • Optimal sales-channel strategies for new markets
  • Market development
  • Corporate image and development of related communication strategies for international and local markets
  • Product positioning and placement for new or redesigned products
  • Advertising effectiveness and development of promotional strategy
  • Development of hypotheses prior to quantitative studies 
  • Clarification of research issues and language specifics prior to developing quantitative research instruments
  • Clarification of surprising, contradictory, or controversial findings from completed quantitative studies

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