Texcel Research Group LTD
Full Service Market Research — Worldwide.

Texcel Research Group's Mission

To deliver the highest quality, most cost-effective customized market research and market intelligence available to the global technology community

High-Technology and Business-Services specialties

Texcel Research Group specializes in qualitative and quantitative research for the high-technology and business-services domains – enabling us to customize and streamline our methods to accomplish the research objectives of organizations within these business segments.

Research Philosophy

Custom-designed and client-proprietary

All our research projects are custom-designed and client-proprietary in order to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Individualized approach

We conduct all projects using an exceptionally individualized approach. A partner-level project manager, attending to one project at a time, serves as the single point of contact for each client throughout the life cycle of the project.

Quality control, seamless execution, multi-lingual capabilities

With carefully developed methods for attending to and controlling all quality factors of a research project - particularly important for studies with multiple market segments or with an international scope - Texcel is able to provide service that is virtually seamless from location to location.

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